Monday, May 26, 2014

Growing Pains

I've come to another country to seek something I can name but can't qualify. What I want is personal purpose, the title of this blog. What does that mean? What do independence, self-confidence, or personal determination mean? What am I expecting? The Lord didn't make anything that didn't first have a plan. It's only my second week, and yet I feel I am lacking something. I guess it is the same something that prompted this whole journey. It can[t be resolved just my putting me in another place. I have learned that lesson, and yet I expect to relearn it a few more times here. I am myself. I still have my habits, quirks, and positive traits. And yet I can still rise above shifting circumstances and keep my commitments and flourish, not just go into a skeleton operation.

This whole phase of my progression involves a huge shift in mentality, from dependence to independence, from passivity to objectivity, from surviving to thriving, and from being acted upon to acting. While the Lord is in complete control of everything around me, ultimately I am the captain of my fate. I decide not only how I live my life, but how far I reach to Heaven.